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For a simple massage at home

Based on the subcutaneous endomassage principle.

The Vacuum Massager is a massage device that penetrates all layers of the skin down to the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis).

In contrast to traditional massage techniques, endomassage does not compress the different layers of the skin but rather does the opposite: it uses strong suction to separate the layers.

Based on experience gained in this area, the prorelax Vacuum Massager has been developed for home use.

Cream or lubricant must be applied first to ensure optimal treatment with the vacuum attachments. This seals the suction cups completely and enables them to glide better over the skin.

Package contents::

Vacuum massager
Three interchangeable suction cups
Detailed users manual
Storage box

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prorelax Vacuum Massager

• Intense massage based on the subcutaneous endomassage wprinciple
• Effective therapy to tauten and improve the appearance of the skin
• Powerful motor; suction power is adjustable
• 4 massage intervals
• 3 different attachments for the treatment of various body parts
• 2 year warranty