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Beautiful, healthy appearance from head to toe.

The Prorelax Sensitive massager is the little secret for women who feel good about themselves. A compact wonder that gently massages the sensitive skin of the face and the body. During a traditional massage, the masseur only presses the skin layers together and therefore, the effect is merely superficial..

The Prorelax Sensitive massager works according to the principle of the scientifically recognised subcutaneous endomassage. This method pulls the skin layers away from one another by a pleasantly forceful suction action and acts right into the depths, where it reaches the hypodermis..

There are 4 programmes of different intensities to choose from. Programme 1 should be used for sagging parts of the skin and exclusively for the face. It facilitates adjusting the massage to your individual preferences. Using this massager, an effective, gentle self-massage becomes really simple, because it has a 40 cm long connection pipe for the suction cups. Therefore, it need not held in the hand during the treatment. An especially convenient feature: Thanks to the USB cable, the massager can also be charged from a mobile phone adapter or a laptop..
The Prorelax Sensitive massager is a compact beauty studio with which you can enjoy a personalised massage session at any time and at any place. Moreover, it is remarkably silent when it is running, and can be operated from the mains or with a battery.

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prorelax Sensitive Vacuum Massager - for a healthy, beautiful skin

• Vitalising, gentle massage for the face and body - skin care with Csubcutaneous endomassage
• Compact format in a shapely design
• Easy operation - runs on battery or mains
• 3 suction cups (15/30/65mm) for different body parts
• 4 massage programmes with variable intensity
• Convenient storage pouch

• 2 years warranty


• Sensitive Vakuum Massager
• 3 suction cups (15/30/65mm)
• connection hose
• power supply
• USB adapter
• Manual
• Convenient storage pouch