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Forget all the tedious and painful removing of pimples and blackheads.

The new pore cleaning device from prorelax puts an end to unpleasant skin blemishes in a gentle but effective manner. The times are thus finally over in which pimples had to be painfully squeezed out and skin blemishes had to be tediously removed or cosmetically covered.

With this powerful, compact device for innovative skin care, you get beautiful, uniform facial skin in next to no time. Entirely without side effects or pain, pimples, cutaneous sebum, blackheads, acne and fatty deposits get effectively sucked away.

The prorelax Vacuum Facial Cleanser provides three suction stages and three attachments for using on problem areas like the nose, the forehead and the chin.

1. The big attachment and a stronger suction stage removes blackheads and improves the complexion.
2. The “scraper” attachment removes blackheads, sebum and dead skin dander.
3. The small attachment is used for small, sensitive areas.

The prorelax Vacuum Facial Cleanser is charged from a mobile and safe induction charging station, with which you will also get a USB cable and a mains plug. Your device can thus be used at any time and anywhere, at home and on the road.

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prorelax Vacuum Facial Cleanser.
Innovative skin care

• Innovative skin care through vacuum suction device
• Gentle and pain-free use
• Ultimate depth-cleaning of the pores
• More thorough than conventional treatment
• Removes pimples, sebum, dead skin dander, cutaneous cells, blackheads
• Lighting for pinpoint application
• Water-resistant, can be used in the bathtub
• Water tank with a spray function for improving the suction

• 2 year warranty

Supplied kit:

1Three attachments, also for the problem zones nose, forehead, chin
Mobile and safe induction charging station
Including USB cable and mains plug

Detailed usage instructions