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Get your legs in perfect shape every day.

The prorelax Air Massager is the compact beauty studio for tired, stressed or swollen legs. Being easy and comfortable to wear, this beneficial compression massage, which provides outstanding relaxation, will put you back in action with an effective treatment method similar to the classical vein gymnastics .

The prorelax Air Massager decongests and tautens the binding tissue in a sitting or supine treatment. To that end, the control device pumps air in the cuffs. The alternating timed blowing up and releasing of air is an effective massage for the feet and legs.

Hardening gets eased, fatigue is alleviated, circulation in the tissues improves and the tissues get tautened.
With regular use, your legs will feel more vital and lighter and the skin will also look smoother and firmer.

You will have the wonderful feeling of practically walking on air.

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prorelax Air Massager.
Comfortable air compression therapy for good-looking and healthy legs.

• Innovative wellness massage for tired limbs
• Comfortable to use when sitting or lying down
• Alternating pressure massage technique with 10 air chambers
• 9 different programs can be set
• Easy to use
• 2 Jahre Garantie

Supplied kit:

1 set of hose connections
2 thigh massage cuffs
2 calf massage cuffs
Detailed usage instructions
Power supply