Support your hands when carrying things and working.

There are many situations in which a bandage is indispensable. After all, movement is fun only if there is no pain. But a sports injury can impose many restrictions and a high-quality bandage is needed to restore mobility. And as one grows older, life without the supporting action of an exact-fit bandage is often too arduous.

This high-grade supporting bandage of the latest generation stabilises the neuralgic point in the wrist, relieves the pain area and lets you be mobile and active again. Thus, after a sports accident, you are quickly back in action and much more active even in old age.

The new generation of bandages will make you active and mobile once again.

The Prorelax Cool Fit wrist bandage - so that you can be pain-free and more mobile to overcome the challenges of your everyday life. Apart from elegant looks, this new generation of high-grade bandages also offers an impressive, durable quality, which is otherwise normally only prescribed or provided by physiotherapists.

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CoolFit Wrist Bandage. For movement without pain in the hand.             

• Supporting bandage for the wrist
• High-quality model of the newest generation
• Stabilising the neuralgic point
• Provides support after sports injuries
• Ideal for the elderly
• For pain-free movement
• Physiotherapist quality
• Ergonomic and exact fit
• Universal size
• Elastic, skin-friendly blended fabric
• Breathable
• Strong hook-and-loop fastening
• Elegant appearance
• Washable
• Usage instructions